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Ice Show and DC Sculpture Garden

20 Dec

This weekend I went to D.C and among other things, I skated at the sculpture garden an outdoor rink at The Smithsonion. It was a a nice night for skating as it was not too cold, although my friend and I did seriously wonder how they were keeping the ice since the weather this past week had been in the 50’s and 60’s all over the northeast.

We first ate at the cafe overlooking the rink and watched as the line to the rink grew and grew….I had serious doubts about skating amongst the swarms of kids and adults as they launched themselves crazily onto the ice. We did wait till the later session though, sipping hot chocolate throughout the earlier session waiting for the line to become smaller. No luck, so off we went. It was a small rink of course. Not as small as PPG rink in pittsburgh, but maybe as big as Rockefeller center.
Well, of course I wanted to do more than skate in a slow circle. So, every 10 minutes or so I would launch myself to the middle of the rink and try a few spins. From now on I think I will avoid sit spins on crowded rinks. two people almost ran into me and both times I had to tuck my foot in or I am pretty sure I would have stabbed them with my toe pick. Hehe, not a pretty sight ;(
However, the crowd seemed to be a bit more out of control then what I am used to.
My friend learned how to do a small two foot spin on rentals. It was really great cause she never skates.
It was a nice night but defintely not good practice time.
Afterwards we went to eat steak in Arlington… mmmmmh, it was that GOOD!

In other skating news, I signed up for the big spring ice show that they put on here. I wasn’t going to do it. Honestly, I did a couple years ago when I first started skating and I was really into it. Then the second year I practiced for it I broke my leg just before the show and couldn’t do it.
Now, I just didn’t want to spend any extra money on sessions where I had to practice a number with other adults and little kids. Basically, just prancing around not really practicing too much. I guess it just depends on what am i doing in the show though. Eh, but I guess it is extra ice time. I want to go to sectionals this year so I really just wanted to focus on that. Plus, I am testing my Adult Bronze MIF and Freestyle in January just before the cut off date so that I can compete in Bronze for the first time.

I think that will be a big adjustment. If I can pass of course, then I will have to up the content of my program as well as really start working on the lutz. (Which I don’t have πŸ™‚
But I think I just want to finally test Bronze because I know I am definitely at that level freestyle wise. I have been doing Pre-Bronze for two years and have just put off the bronze test. I don’t like tests, I know, who does?

If there is something that they fail me on it will be that darn back spin. Ewww.
Or something wierd in my moves. I think I have them down, it will just be nerves if I don’t follow through on something, although the alternating three turns on the left foot will defintely be interesting with nerves.

I have a lesson today plus tons more freestyle lined up for this week and next!! Cause I am off!! Yeah! The joy of christmas is having skate time.. well… and other things of course πŸ˜‰ But this is a skate journal after all!

When I was in DC my friend gave me my B-day present. It was a skate bag (Transpack) with my initials glued on the side in silver jewels.
SO CUTE! Well, ok it has two seperate pockets for my skates with vents so that they can air out. (Ha ha, feel sorry for everyone else with that!! So stinky!)
and a middle for my clothes, socks, blade covers and whatever.
So, it looks a little wierd, like a triangle on the back but you cant feel the weight of the skates like you can with a regular back pack. It just nicely distributes the weight. Yep, and its purple.
I was very excited! I am using for the first time today. I have to walk across campus so it will be very helpful.

Otherwise in skating practice, I am working on my camel and catching my blade in back. I am not very flexible so its hard just to find the blade horizontally. Plus my camel is still hit or miss. Hit, as in rotating at a semi-normal speed and miss, as in rotating very slowly. But I can usually grab the blade, and sometimes it actually speeds it up!
I love the move. I just wonder how it looks? Hehe, oh well, who cares, its fun!

Merry Christmas!!

The Beginning of a new Skate Blog…. continuing the old…

4 Dec

I decided to quit the aol journal and come here. I have seen other journals posted on Live Journal and I liked the style alot more than aol’s. Which I think is outdated and slow. Yeah… I like to upgrade and so I have! Not to mention all the cool features on this Blog!!

Fun pics and cool tricks.. ha ha well nothing is too good for my little skating journal!

So for now on this is my new home. This is the link to my old blog.
I am going to keep it in my links area so I still have it. Hey! It took awhile to write all of that!

This weekend there was no skating so I don’t really have anything report, other than I should have gone skating.
Ehh, hopefully that flip is still around somewhere!
Tonight I will skate group lesson. Adult Coffee Club is over till January… sniff, sniff….
I hate it when it ends cause its such valuable practice time!

In other news, I am at work and today we are going out for a birthday lunch!! Guess who’s?
Yep, mine! Well, mine and my coworkers πŸ˜‰
My Birthday is really not till next Tuesday but my coworkers is this Thursday and this was the only day to get together so… yummy lunch for me! I Loooove food.

ta ta….